Few Tips in Choosing The Best Cashmere Scarf

As a novice in buying cashmere scarf, it is not easy to distinguish the premium cashmere scarf from a bad one. If you are looking to buy one, here are some tips that you can learn before making the purchase.


First of all, always check the fabric content label. There are labels like ‘cashmere,’ ‘100% cashmere’ or ‘cashmere blend.’  The 100% cashmere scarf could be very misleading because the quality of the cashmere fibers varies a lot. Not all cashmere is created equal. The cashmere scarves made of more delicate and softer cashmere fiber are more expensive than the common one. Investing in a quality Ovciocashmere scarf is essential, and it will last for more than 10 years.


Secondly, from a technical point of view, the quality of the cashmere scarves depends on the thickness and length of the fibers. The longer they are, the more resistant and durable the scarf will be. Longer fibers (range from 30mm to 40mm) are usually found on the neck and underbelly from the mountain goats. Premium cashmere scarves made from longer fibers are less likely to generate pilling.


Thirdly, The durability and softness are significantly impacted by the thickness of the cashmere fibers. The lower the thickness, the softer the cashmere scarf will be. Some brands are promoting cashmere scarves with baby goats, which might not be the best cashmere scarf. The delicate and short fibers of baby cashmere will compromise on the durability.


If these tips sound too technical, we suggest you to touch the 100% cashmere scarf to see if it is soft and light and place it on your neck to test if it is itchy or not. Be aware that some seller will add resin on the surface of cashmere scarf to have the touch softer, but this soft feeling will last for a few wears. Put your hands on the surface for few rolls to see if fibers begin to pill. Then you can quickly detect the shorter and less resistant fibers.


Check the number of ply on the 100% cashmere scarf. Two-ply is tighter and more durable than the one-ply scarf. Also with the extra thickness, the scarf is warmer and softer.


It is not exaggerated to say that 100% cashmere is the softness fabric in the world. Wrap it around your neck feels like a dream. Owning a cashmere scarf will keep you extra comfort in the chilly days but also enlightens your outfits.


How to take care of the cashmere scarves?  – The fibers of cashmere scarves are shorter and thinner than most other yarns. Therefore it is recommended to hand wash it by cold/warm water. No bleach is allowed.


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